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Guardians Of The Galaxy: This Is Why Groot Had To Sacrifice Himself?

Groot's sacrifice was also important for his character development.

The death of Groot was a heartbreaking moment for all the Marvel fans in Guardians Of The Galaxy. The much-loved tree voiced by Vin Diesel left many in tears when he sacrificed his life for his team. Though many believed Groot reproduced in Guardians Of The Galaxy 2, the director James Gunn revealed that it was Baby Groot and not the original one.

But have you ever wondered why Groot had to die in the film?

We all know everything means something in a Marvel film especially when we talk about character and story progression. And Groot’s sacrifice was also important for other characters’ contributions in other Marvel films. According to, the sacrifice of Groot didn’t go in vain as it was a conscious effort by him to keep his friends alive. It also kickstarts a serious and necessary change in Guardians’ lives. While dying, when Groot told his team, “We are Groot”, it wasn’t just a normal line but changed the Guardians for forever individually and also the way they come together as a team.

That’s not it. Groot’s sacrifice was also important for his character development. The walking tree didn’t have any major dialogue or monologues in the film. His part was mostly comic and to give him a beautiful character arc, it was necessary for him to become a hero someway and make people emotional. And that’s what he did when he made the big sacrifice.

What are your thoughts on it?

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