12 details you may have missed in Marvel movies that you should remember before seeing 'Black Widow'

12 details you may have missed in Marvel movies that you should remember before seeing 'Black Widow'

"Black Widow" was delayed until November due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Now's the perfect time to catch up on every appearance Scarlett Johansson has made in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before her standalone movie finally comes to theaters. 

Since 2010, Johansson's significant appearances across seven Marvel movies have included small details about her pre-Avengers background as a KGB operative that lay the groundwork for what to expect in a "Black Widow" movie.

Insider went through the films where Johansson's character appears from "Iron Man 2" to "Avengers: Endgame" to highlight the details you may want to recall before November 6. 
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"Black Widow" will take place after the events of "Captain America: Civil War.".scarlet johansson

If you're wondering how a "Black Widow" movie can exist when the character was killed off in "Avengers: Endgame," that's simple. The film takes place before the events of "Endgame." 

During an interview with Stephen Colbert, Johansson explained that "Black Widow" takes place between "Captain America; Civil War" and "Avengers; Infinity War" starting not too long after "Civil War."

"I think it's already out there, it takes place after the 'Civil War' and before the 'Infinity War," said Johansson in December 2019.

During her first appearance in "Iron Man 2," Natasha goes by the alias Natalie Rushman.

Natasha uses names that may not be her own and will almost certainly be going by a different one, in part, in "Black Widow" while on the run. 
Marvel / Paramount

Black Widow probably won't use the same alias while on the run, but it's important to remember because we'll likely see Natasha use another name to keep a low profile in her standalone movie. 

Don't be surprised if you hear Natasha referred to as Natalia. Her full name Natalia Alianovna Romanoff.

We learn that tidbit in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" when Cap and Nat find the secret bunker below the S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters in New Jersey.

At the start of "Avengers," the men holding Black Widow hostage think she's still working for a man named Lermentov.

Colonel General Luchkov is prepared to torture Black Widow. 
Marvel Studios

Since "Black Widow" will be digging into Romanoff's past, we wouldn't be surprised if we saw Lermentov in any flashbacks from her time as a KGB operative.

Clint Barton brought Natasha into S.H.I.E.L.D. after he was sent to kill her.
clint barton

This is how Barton and Romanoff became close. 

"Agent Barton was sent to kill me," Natasha tells Loki of her early days as a KGB assassin when S.H.I.E.L.D. was tracking her down. "He made a different call."

This is likely a big reason why Natasha couldn't simply kill Barton when he went on a killing spree in "Avengers: Endgame" as a way to deal with the loss of his family. He had spared her life even though she was an assassin. Instead, she brought him back into the Avengers group.

While Natasha interrogates Loki in "Avengers," he brings up a name from her past.
loki avengersLoki knows a lot about Black Widow's mysterious past. 
Marvel Studios

Loki mentions the man who recruited Natasha to become a KGB spy.

"I've got red in my ledger. I'd like to wipe it out," claims Natasha.

"Can you? Can you wipe out that much red? Dreykov's daughter?" says Loki in response.

General Dreykov is the officer who oversaw the "Red Room" program where Natasha and other "widows" were trained to become spies and killing machines.

During a moment in "Age of Ultron," viewers see a flash of Natasha's past where the trainees are overseen by a mysterious woman named Madame B.

Natasha can't have children.
avengersNatasha opens up to Bruce in "Avengers: Age of Ultron." Marvel Studios

After flashbacks to her time in training in "Age of Ultron," Romanoff told Bruce Banner in an emotional scene she can't have children.

"In the Red Room where I was trained, where I was raised, they have a graduation ceremony," said Romanoff. "They sterilize you."

Romanoff tells Banner the procedure is carried out because it's "one less thing to worry about" while on a mission

General Ross is likely on the hunt for Natasha in "Black Widow."
black widow
Tony Stark gets real with Natasha Romanoff in "Civil War" before she goes on the run. 
Marvel Studios

By the end of "Civil War," Tony Stark hints that Natasha is on Ross' radar for helping Captain America in the escape of fugitive Bucky Barnes.

A younger version of Ross is seen in the "Black Widow" trailer suggesting the two have a rocky history.

Natasha's vest from "Infinity War" looks like one she'll wear in "Black Widow."
Is Natasha wearing Yelena's vest in "Infinity War"? Marvel Studios

Take another watch of the "Black Widow" trailer. The vest Yelena wears looks very similar to the one Natasha is wearing in "Infinity War."

Natasha may be wearing it in "Infinity War" as a way to honor her Russian family.

Red Skull mentions Natasha's father's name in "Avengers: Endgame."infinity warCould Black Widow's dad, Ivan, pop up in "Black Widow"? Marvel Studios

When Clint and Natasha arrive on Vormir, Red Skull addresses them as son of Edith and daughter of Ivan, respectively.

Some fans wondered if Ivan was a nod to "Iron Man 2's" Ivan Vanko (Mickey Rourke) from Russia. It could also be a nod to Natasha's foster father from the comics, Ivan Petrovich.

Natasha and Hawkeye discuss something big that went down in Budapest, a location we'll see in "Black Widow."
avengersClint and Natasha are always referencing their inside joke about Budapest. The opening shot of the "Black Widow" trailer teases Hungary's capital. 
Marvel Studios

At one point in "Avengers," Natasha says the Battle of New York is "just like Budapest all over again." Clint responds by saying the two have very different memories of their time there. 

The location is brought up again in "Avengers: Endgame" during their trip to Vormir. We never learned what happened there, but it's likely we soon will.

The opening shot of the "Black Widow" trailer appears to show a shot of Budapest. Here's to hoping for a Hawkeye cameo. 

Natasha has a scar from getting shot with a Soviet bullet.

Natasha reveals this in "Captain America: Civil War." 
Marvel Studios

Before realizing Bucky Barnes is alive, Natasha tells Captain America a story about the Winter Soldier, revealing a scar she received at his expense.

"Five years ago, I was escorting a nuclear engineer out of Iran. Somebody shot out my tires in Odessa," said Natasha.

"We lost control, went straight over a cliff," she continued. "I pulled us out, but the Winter Soldier was there. I was covering my engineer so he shot him, straight through me. Soviet slug. No rifling. Bye bye, bikinis."

It's worth a mention in case we wind up seeing the scar on-screen again or referenced in "Black Widow."

Bonus: When Tony Stark first met Natasha as "Natalie Rushman," he conducted a quick search of her. Her qualifications hinted at her Black Widow reveal before it occurred on screen.
iron man

This is what Tony finds when he looks up "Natalie." 
Marvel Studios

Natalie Rushman's qualifications read as follows: "Analytical, multi-lingual legal assistant with an interest in world trade, national security, and human rights. Excellent research, writing, and executive presentation skills. Adapts quickly to new environments and thrives on multiple tasks."

It's noted that she went to Harvard Law School and was on the gymnastics team at the University of Southern California. She's also fluent in French, Italian, Russian, and Latin. Don't be surprised if we see Romanoff speak more than just Russian in "Black Widow."

Here's the order in which you can rewatch the Marvel movies with Natasha Romanoff ahead of "Black Widow's" release.
natasha black widow
Scarlett Johansson's first appearance as Black Widow is in "Iron Man 2." 
Marvel Studios
  • "Iron Man 2" (2010)
  • "Avengers" (2012)
  • "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" (2014)
  • "Avengers: Age of Ultron" (2015)
  • "Captain America: Civil War" (2016)
  • "Avengers: Infinity War" (2018)
  • "Avengers: Endgame" (2019)


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